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For very dry, sensitive, and atopic skin. Intensive hydrating daily care for atopic dermatitis.

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Acnaut features complete 360-degree range of products for cleansing, active care and special care for oily and acne-prone skin.

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Pure Skin

Acids-based range with astonishing effect on enlarged pores, prevents blackheads and brightens the skin tone.

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Melabel battles hyper-pigmentations of any kind. These lightening products do not promise instant results – they just make results happen.

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Designed to fight with seborrhoea and dandruff, alopecia and thinning hair.

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Odorex stops excessive sweating and unpleasant smell for up to 10 days after a single usage. It just works.

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Body, hands and foot care products with Urea - from moisturizing and nourishing to exfoliating and dissolving corns and rough skin.

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Keratolin Foot

Body, hands and foot care products with Urea - from moisturizing and nourishing to exfoliating and dissolving corns and rough skin.

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Body, hands and foot care products with Urea - from moisturizing and nourishing to exfoliating and dissolving corns and rough skin.

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A potentally in one’s post-surgery and recovery period, aiming to flatten and smooth raised (hypertrophic) scars.

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Calmax & Repelex

Keep bugs away, soothing itching and pain caused by insects’ bites and stings by formplants.

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What we do

The core of our business is the development and production of high-quality dermatological cosmetics. We create effective and safe solutions for different skin conditions, such as acne, seborrhea, dark spots, hyperhidrosis and others. The formulas contain carefully selected active ingredients in optimal concentrations, with a high tolerance and safety profile with a quick and visible effect on the skin.

By implementing the best practices in all aspects of our work, we achieve sustainable development. We are open to effective and successful business relationships, so we offer excellent conditions for all who wish to become our partners

Why we are better at what we do

We have our own GMP certified high-tech production facility, thanks which we are fast, flexible and guarantee consistent high quality around the globe. Our cosmetic products meet all international requirements and standards, and the raw materials used in them come only from verified and proven suppliers. We provide constant communication with our end customers and understand their needs perfectly. We bring know-how on all complicated skin conditions as well as management of all marketing efforts.
We are growing expansively, but we retain our independence and flexibility.

Biotrade Cosmetics

How we support our partners

We know that through supporting our partners’ growth and work, we grow too. That is why we share the experience we have acquired from different markets.

What you can expect

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The right strategy

Each market has its own specifics and preferences. We will advise you on which products to start with, how to expand the portfolio and how to create initial interest in the brand. We will help you find your way around the starting points for sales and marketing.

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Quality content

All our distributors receive access to the content pool, which contains high-quality images, videos and ready-made content. It also contains all approved print materials in print and digital format required for the brand's campaigns. We guarantee that we own the copyright to use all content in the pool and no part of it can be used without Biotrade’s written consent.

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Good positioning

We produce promotional materials that support the presentation of the brand – samples, gifts, promotional packages. They are available to our partners to support their sales and improve positioning of the brand in the local market.

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Regulatory requirements

Each country has its own specific regulatory requirements and we will do our best to ensure we comply with them in the shortest possible time.

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Competent team

Every brand that enters a new market needs a competent and well-trained team. We are ready to organize online and offline training sessions for your sales and/or medical team to make sure you know the products in detail. This ensures proper positioning and communication of the brand.

Our partners

Biotrade’s products, business strategies and marketing efforts reflect our enterprise’s ability to adapt quickly to our partner’s needs. Currently, our brand is well known in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and many more.

We are proud to work with:

Dr.Max Group Romania


Pharmacies all over the world

If you would like to become our partner, please contact us.

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